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Writing about Writing

I’ve done quite a bit of reading about writing, and watching videos about writing, and I suppose now here I am writing about writing, as most of us writers are wont to do.  I’ve already gushed at you all about Skillshare. I also peruse a bunch of writing blogs, twitters, articles via scoop it, and facebook.

No wonder I feel like I’ve had enough of reading about writing.  It’s always the same type of article, too.  7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity!! and none of them really seem to work as I’m feeling as uncreative as always.

It doesn’t help that my current writing project is a crappy story with crappy writing that I kind of hate.  So why am I writing it?  I want to finish it.  That is all.  Finish it and then possibly shred it.

Ok, I won’t shred it because it only exists on computers, but you get what I’m saying.  Of course, all these articles and blog posts have thoughts about finishing vs. not as well.  Some say just finish it, quantity breeds quality.  Others say life is too short to be writing what you hate.  Well, it’s not like I have any other ideas in the cooker right now, so I might as well write what I’m writing.  The Abdication, or: The Girl who Would be Death.

When I finish it I shall do a very happy dance.

2 thoughts on “Writing about Writing”

  1. Yeah… I’m in the “just finish it”, mostly because you’ll never know. I detested writing Human, but it turns out to be one of my best received books. Ultimately, however, you must do what is best for you.

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