What’s In My Bag?

So most of us carry stuff around with us during the day, especially women. I am no exception. In fact I carry a lot of stuff. A LOT. So I thought I would treat my readers to a peek inside my bad, thus a peek into my life.
So here goes.

1. Bag (not pictured) is a handmade bag by Mariclaro sustainable bags. Mariclaro makes bags out of repurposed car materials. I’ve had this bag for years and I love, love, love it. I bought it from a little store here in Ottawa that sold all sorts of handmade local stuff. It goes with me almost everywhere. Highly recommend.

2. Headphones – Sony MDR-XB950BT. They come wired or Bluetooth wireless at my choice (or mostly when I don’t charge them). They were not cheap, but they are excellent quality build with great sound. I definitely use them almost every day.

3. Bag of Yuedge Anti-slip cleats. I have yet to use these, but it’s been a fairly mild winter with a distinct lack of freezing rain, both weird things for Ottawa. But I carry them around just in case. And these things are monsters. If I ever need them, I’m sure they will keep me from falling.

4. Supernatural wallet. To hold all the money I don’t have while staring at the pretty, pretty boys.

5. Lipgloss. Because a girl can never have enough lipgloss.

6. USB drive. I have no idea what is on this. Probably work stuff.

7. Travel Aleve. Because you just never know.

8. Pens. I have a lot of these.

9. Lighter. I clearly haven’t cleaned out this bag in a while.

10. Medication. That I stuffed in there on my way out the door this morning so I’d take it once I got to work. Did I take it? Of course not.

11. Another pen batch of pens and a water pen/brush thingy. I have no less than 3 pink pens in my bag apparently. I don’t know why either.

12. YMCA Gym Membership card that I almost never use. But it’s in there because I’m endlessly hopeful.

13. Victoria’s Secret bra sizing card. Just in case I forget what size my boobs are? Yeah, no clue.

14. Current journal/notebook. Where I write all my non-freelance, not fiction, personal crap that doesn’t go on this blog.

15. Barley’s Angels pin, because I am a proud, proud member.

16. Plastic reusable bag. Because I intended to pick up my veggie basket today. Instead, I am going for beer.

What’s in your bag?

4 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag?”

  1. Weirdly enough…I carry two bags. One is my actual purse, the other usually contains the things I can’t fit in my purse and my lunch. My purse currently is a Steve Madden bag that my mother-in-law recently bought for me. Inside, it’s contents are as follows: 1. Bottle of purell. 2. My planner (because I need one that is paper, versus my phone). 3. Lipstick. 4. Tampons. 5. A bottle of Gucci Rush perfume. 6. A pen my Nan brought me from Hershey Pennsylvania, that smells like chocolate. 7. My Vera Bradley wallet. Nothing exciting there. Bag number 2…is the match to my wallet, a paisley blue patterned Vera Bradley bag that contains 1. My travel coffee mug. 2. Motrin. 3. Several different lip glosses/sticks. 4. A travel size kleenex. 5. Bath and Body lotion. 6. Headphones (Bob Marley, over ear set my husband bought me for Christmas, that I LOVE! 7. My lunch…today it was a banana, an orange, some crackers, and cheese. 8. My umbrella. 9. Extra pair of black shoes…since the winter requires my sorels, I need black shoes for the salon..so black Steve Madden booties currently. 10. Several sachets ( do you call them sachets!?), of Chai tea, in case I need extra during the day after my coffee. 11. Several receipts, presto card. Change and misc. Money and notes. 12. My cell phone, which I recently and proudly purchased an actual case for from Kate Spade….as Samsung is hard to find nice cases for. And that folks is what I carry around in my bags. I also have more of the same in my pockets of my coat.

    1. I was looking at those Bob Marley ones when I bought my Sony’s actually. They had great sound and felt really comfy.

      And I am impressed at everything in your bags!

  2. My purse contains: my cell, phone, my eye glasses (with case), my cell phone charger, 3 lip glosses, 3 tubes of lipstick, two packs of excel gum, blue & green, my compact, keys, wallet, a hair brush, kleenex, my gym membership, one of my medications, three pairs of earings, two bracelets, a spa gift certificate and two pairs of sunglasses.

    No wonder it’s always so heavy…lol…

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