Wednesdays have quickly become one of my favourite days.  It’s an odd feeling, as Wednesday’s have never been looked on as anything particularly special in the past.  The poor “hump day”, the middle of the week, the happy beginning of the end.

But last winter on a whim and a mission to enrich my life and meet new people [I know, I’m vomiting too] I decided to sign up for a continuing education course offered at the University I attended.  I think they only started offering continuing education and general interest courses a few years back, but from the few I had read about, they seemed pretty awesome.
In particular I was interested in the Political Café series on Canadian politics.  Because I’m me, and I love things like Canadian politics. Plus the course was relatively cheap, close to me, and I didn’t actually have to do anything but show up and listen.  Sounded perfect.

So every second Wednesday I have been heading to campus and sitting in a small room in one of the buildings that did not exist when I went there, surrounded by about 10 other people.  Who are all very, very retired.  I am quite likely the only person there under 65 besides the guy who leads the series.  So much for meeting new people and making new friends.  Or serendipitously bumping into the future love of my life. Oh well.  It still worked out pretty well despite that.

Because these people know their shit, my friends.  I thought I was knowledgeable about politics, but I am not.  Several of them could tell you what colour tie Pearson was wearing on the last day of his minority government [and they would know enough to ask you which one you were referring to].  Hell, they were probably at the House watching Question Period.  It’s pretty crazy, i have to tell you.  I’m not even remotely doing their knowledge justice.

Mostly I just sit and absorb everything that’s being discussed, and that’s fine by me.  I’m a huge fan of passive learning, it turns out.  And the whole no homework thing is fantastic.  It’s been incredibly cool to be back in a learning environment.  It’s been many years since I’ve graduated, and nothing in my life has filled that learning gap until now.

So while it’s a general interest class full of seniors, the course leaves me lighter and feeling more ‘myself’ each time I leave it.  Oh, and plus our fearless leader gave out copies of his book last night, Challenges of Minority Governments in Canada.  Score.  I’m pretty excited to dig into it.  Yes, I’m a nerd.

I’m totally cool with that.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with ‘seniors’, without them we wouldn’t exist or know anything of education or worldly things, some of my friends are old enough to be my parents but I love their company and value to my growth they have taught me. Continue to educate yourself and be true to who u r and want to be

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