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I don’t have a lot of real life skills. No, no, that’s not a cry for pity, or for anyone to comment that I do have skills. I simply mean that most of my skillset is only applicable to my career. There’s only so much one can do with briefing notes and strategic plans, you know? And yes, of course there is writing, something I do consider myself skilled at, but there are other things I want to learn to do.
I want to learn to paint with watercolours. Now, I’ve been working on this for some time, practicing, getting used to the colours and how they look together. So learning this skill is not out of the question. It will just take more time and more practice. What I really need to do is get into the habit of practicing every day, as much as possible. I do love just playing around with paint.

This makes me realize that I also want to learn to paint with acrylics. Acrylics are much less forgiving than watercolours that much I know. I haven’t practiced with acrylics nearly as often as I have with watercolours, that’s for sure. I need to do more of that. Perhaps make it part of my daily art practice.

I also want to learn to sketch. I know, more art stuff. I’m definitely establishing a theme here. What can I say? I’m rediscovering my artsy side. Sketching I’ve done almost none of. I desperately need to practice this particular skill if I’m going to get anywhere with it. I bought myself a set of sketching pencils not too long ago, but I haven’t really used them yet. I should, who knows what the
future brings. There’s not always the time you think there is to get things done.

I would like to learn to sew. At least enough that I can hem my own pants. Apparently, sewing tools for the visually impaired have improved since my grade 8 Home Ec class so there may be hope yet.

I’d like to learn to code. Not so I can do anything with it, just so that I have a better understanding. I used to be able to do HTML, but then CSS came along and everything got too complicated. I even tried downloading a coding game for kids on my iphone. I gave up on it too quickly I think. Maybe I’ll try again sometime soon. I’m sure there’s something on skillshare I can watch more of.

I want to learn photography. I’m decent enough at it for an amateur, and of course, that’s all I ever plan to be, an amateur. But I’d really like to improve my skills so I can take better photos. I have a lot (A LOT) of classes saved on skillshare that should help me really learn the fundamentals. I just have to sit my ass down and take them and then practice.

Apparently, I have to practice a lot of things.

What do you want to learn? Tell me in the comments and qualify to win a $50 Chapters gift card!

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