The Hard Days

Today is one of the hard days.

I woke up from dreams that were both joyous and heart breaking in equal proportion, and they continue to affect my mood and thought patterns as we approach lunch time.  That’s not good.  I need to focus on things that are not dreams.  Focus on reality and not fantasy.  But for someone like me that can be very very difficult to do.  I spend a lot of time in my head.

I suppose it’s the curse of being a writer.

It’s hard to focus on work when I’m feeling like this.  Everything just feels — inconsequential.

The mood will pass, of course.  It always does.  And tomorrow I will root myself to reality and appreciate all the awesome things that are in my life (of which there are too many to list…I do know that).

But today is going to be one of the days you just Get Through. Everyone has them.  And we all get through them.  I am no different.

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