The Fight

So the thing about me is that there’s a lot going on in my life right now behind the scenes. Not good things, things that cause me stress and anxiety. And anxiety can be a real bitch, let me tell you. It feels like it has taken over my life recently. I had to go back to my doctor to talk to her about it (again). I requested some work accommodation that didn’t get granted because there wasn’t enough information on my needs. Plus there’s mother’s day coming up. It’s been a struggle for me lately.

But I’m still fighting. And it is a battle that much I can say. So about a week or so ago I went to one of my favourite websites Ask Metafilter and asked them to recommend me some “You Got This” type music. And boy did they, to the tune of 125 songs. So I went ahead and made a Spotify Playlist (and maybe I’ll make an Apple Music Playlist this weekend, just for balance). It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

So I have music. I also recently got my first Sketch Box in the mail, and it was pretty awesome too. I got watercolour pencils, some nice ink markers, and a water brush pen things (yes that’s the technical term). So that was a nice treat for me, and art is always fun. It helps me get my mind off things and exorcizes the demons, so to speak.

Additionally, I just signed up for a meal delivery service. It’s all paleo (and gluten free, but that’s neither here nor there for me) and likely to be far healthier than anything I make for myself or grab on the go. I eat out way too much. So I’m hoping that this will help me eat healthier and maybe even lose a couple pounds. We shall see.

These are all things I’m doing to take care of myself while I fight the battles I have to fight. What do you do to take care of yourself when things aren’t necessarily going your way?

Now if only my hockey team would win a few more games.

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  1. I’m so sorry you’re struggling right now. It’s awful. I’m glad that you’re looking after yourself. I have seen a couple of the meal delivery services and wished I could take part. Maybe once I’m done paying for my student loans and such. And art really is therapeutic. Give a holler if you need anything.

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