Trimming the Tree

So my friend Dan and I have quite the tradition.  Every year we meet up to decorate his parents’ Christmas tree.  I’m pretty sure the first invite came out of pity that I wouldn’t decorating a tree at my own home – I was in University and we didn’t really do a tree anymore. So given my lack of tree decorating opportunities, I snatched this one up. That was in 1998.  We’ve been doing it every year since then.

The context is variable.  Sometimes we do the decorating in the afternoon.  Sometimes in the evening.  Almost always on a weekend if we can manage it.  Dan’s mother will make us brunch or dinner, and it is always fantastic. We’ll eat and chat and drink wine.  Sometimes friends have joined us, now Dan’s partner Phillipe is there, but the consistent thing has always been Dan and I decorating the tree. This takes several hours as Dan’s parents have many, many ornaments.

And there are traditions of course.  We exchange gifts every year.  And my favourite one is Hiding the Airplanes.  Dan’s mother has these two small pink and blue airplane ornaments that are antiques, and were made before the invention of plastic. Every year it’s someone’s job to hide the planes somewhere on/in the tree and the others have to find it. I am wretched at both the hiding and the finding, but it’s always, always fun.

So that is what I was up to this weekend.  Decorating the tree, year # 19.

And it was good.