Goals for 2017

Along with hating New Year’s Eve, I also hate new year’s resolutions.  Mostly because I often utterly, utterly fail at them.  But that doesn’t stop me from making a  list of goals I want to achieve for 2017. And they are as follows:

  1. Write 500 words a day. This does not include blogging.  Already I am sucking at this! WRITE MOAR. Why do I want to write more? I’m never quite sure.  I don’t have a dream of being published.  Ok, I do, but I’m not really doing anything to attempt to achieve it.  It’s like my dream of winning the lottery. Up there in the clouds.  But I wouldn’t mind some pieces in magazines and journals, and to do that you gotta write.
  2. Finish Abdication of the Fourth. It’s a horrible, horrible story because it is horribly written, but I want to finish the damn thing regardless. I started it as a Nanowrimo project many years ago and it was ok that it sucked because it’s the quantity not quality when it comes to Nano. So yeah, it sucks.  But gotta get it done.
  3. Start “Seventeen” because it is sitting in my brain taking up space. Seventeen is the story of a washed-up punk singer and the foster girl he takes in. Who just happens to be obsessed with him.  So that’ll be awkward.
  4. Clean the apartment once a week. Should also include daily dishes duty, cat litter and making the damn bed. Life looks better with your bed made. It just does.
  5. Cook a meal from scratch at least once a week. A real meal, not a freaking “stir-fry” for the 4,000th
  6. Workout twice a week. I really, REALLY need to get back to the gym. It’s getting pathetic how long it’s been, and yet I keep paying them money.  It’s like a laziness tax.
  7. Drink less beer (this makes me sad. But if I want to lose weight…), drink more water.
  8. Go on monthly creativity dates with the Amazing Flatmate (who is not *my* amazing flatmate, but nonetheless the name has stuck). WE often create “together” while texting each other, but in real life creativity dates are very exciting!

Generally speaking, if I can use some clichés, I want to live with intent, and live more in the moment.  I want to be deliberate with my choices and enjoy the things I’m doing for what they are.  Even writing Abdication.

I was listening to a podcast last night that talked with a man who did a study on happiness. And he said that the more our minds wander, the more unhappy we are.  That it doesn’t matter what our minds our wandering to, just the state of wandering itself is the catalyst for unhappiness.  So I want to live as if the opposite were true.  The more focused I am on the task at hand, the happier I’ll be.  At least that is my hypothesis.

I know this sounds very crunchy granola hippy etc. But I need a rebooting of my life.  I need new things in my life in 2017, and the only way to change things is to change myself.

What are your goals for 2017? Tell me in the comments and be entered to win a $50 Chapters gift card!