Thank you Shane Koyczan

There are days
When you’re still 13
Trying to be invisible
Inside the body of
A 35 year old

It’s not allowed
To still hurt
“Get Over It”
“It Doesn’t Matter”
Clearly you’re a freak

Because you can’t
Move on
There are still those
Voices who say
You are Wrong

What you feel
Is incorrect
Let’s fix you
So you fit
In your assigned space

You are You
Why does no one
Tell you that’s OK
That the god you’re
Supposed to believe in


You are here
Like the blinking cursor
You are potential
To receive love
To give love

Maybe in the body
Of a 35 year old
With the wounds of
A child
It’s finally ok to say


I am who I am

And maybe I
Will never be loved
By another
But I have earned the right
To love myself

Despite your efforts.