Written on the Body

Everyone wants to feel strong. We watch movies, obsessed with action heroes and those with super powers. And we’re all familiar with the working out/training montage.

I’m no different, of course.  I love the feeling of strength.  The one thing that *is* different about me is that I have Cerebral Palsy, a disability that has an incredibly large range of impacts.  To a degree, I am only very mildly affected by it.  But I’m not unaffected.

`Walking becomes increasingly difficult as I get older and my body is getting stiffer by the year.  And yet, I don’t feel weak most of the time.  I joined the YMCA recently and I have to say, working out with the weight machines is the best feeling. Yes, I do cardio as well, but thats always more of a struggle.

Weights make me feel AWESOME.  They make me realize how amazing the human body is, even when it’s not functioning at 100% like mine.  Even at 80% the body as a machine is a work of art and I feel like one when I’m strength training.

It makes me happy.  And that’s been all too rare in the not so distant past.

(Editorial note: In looking for a picture for this post I searched free photos for “body”.  The results were pretty depressing, Almost all the female photos were a disembodied waist, often with a tape measure.  The pictures that show strength? Almost all men.  Sigh.)