Culture Shock!

It’s the Monday after daylight savings begins.  Or is it when it ends? I never know.  But the clock has deprived me of an hour sleep and I do resent it.

I spent most of my weekend sleeping, as I was battling a cold.  Not that I don’t spend most of spend most of my weekends sleeping.  I really need to do something about that.  I need time in my day to clean and stuff, you know? And also time to write and be otherwise creative.  But these days I usually end up heading for bed around 20:00, which is utterly ridiculous really, especially when you consider I don’t have children or any other form of dependent that is making me tired.

I did manage to do some shopping this weekend, however.  Got some leggings, jeans, dress pants and a skirt, and somehow manage to sort of impulse buy a new tablet.  It’s not an impulse buy  because I’ve been planning on getting a new one for months now.  It is an impulse buy because I didn’t plan to get it *yesterday*.

So what did I get? A Samsung Galaxy Tab E.  It’s a middle of the road tablet, not super cheap, but also not an iPad which would have cost twice as much for almost the same tech specs.  So now I have to learn Android.  Which, I have to say, is not nearly as intuitive as ios is.  I miss certain apps that aren’t available on Android (Paper by 53, I’m looking at you), and little features that the system doesn’t have, like tapping space twice to get a “.”.  It’s like the difference between the United States and Canada.  Mostly the same, but there are differences that still cause culture shock.

But as these things go it’s the epitome of #firstworldproblems, so I’ll shut up now!  But if you have any Android app suggestions, do drop a comment!