Sick and Tired

I’m getting sick.  Again.  This totally blows.  I have things to do, doesn’t the universe know that?!

I’m attending the Beyond the Pale third anniversary party tomorrow night.  If tales of last year’s event are anything at all to go by, it should be one hell of a blast.  It’s not cheap – tickets were $45! – but I know that at least includes all the food, which all looks awesome.  Plus there are so many of their beers I’m looking forward to trying or having again.

I’ve got to collect some clasps I bought from a friend that will let me actually put on a bracelet by myself.  Do you know how hard that is to do when you live alone? These clasps are magnetic, which is brilliant!  And I AlliePets will be at that craft show too, so I’ll have to stop and say hi to her!

I have to go stare longingly at the Apple Watch for a while.

Plus there’s the frighteningly large pile of laundry in my room.

Sigh.  See? I can’t get sick!

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