Panels I want to see at Can Con

So I have my ticket for can con and I can’t wait.  All the panels sounded great last year, which makes it even sadder that I didn’t go.  I am determined to get myself  there this year.  To that end, these are the panels I want to see:



Be It Resolved: “Stop Writing Novels – Write Short Fiction” – The Live Debate! Matthew Johnson (m), Geoff Gander

How to get traditionally published – Max Turner, Matt Moore (m), Matthew Johnson, Alison Sinclair, Julie Czerneda

Possibly the publisher party


Science Fiction: I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Read That! David Hartwell, Jo Walton, Peter Halasz, Liz Westbrook-Trenholm
(m), Jonatahn Crowe

Book Pitches I: How To Pitch, 4 Editors’ Persepctives – Sandra Kasturi, Hayden Trenholm, Gabrielle Harbowy (m), Caroline

Blood Stain Pattern Analysis – D/Cst. Ugo Garneau, Ottawa Police (warning: graphic images)

Taking the Next Step in a Creative Career – Jay Odjick, Gabrielle Harbowy, Linda Poitevin, Marie Bilodeau (m), Robin

Fantasy Literature: I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Read That! Kathryn Cramer, Peter Halasz, Jo Walton, Matthew Johnson (m),
Yves Menard

Face palms of world-Building, or, How to Fail Epically: Mark Robinson, Andrew Barton, Julie Czerneda,
Cenk Gokce

Advice on the Craft to Aspiring Writers: Jay Odjick, Julie Czerneda (m), Erik Buchanan, Mike Rimar

Enhancing Creative Imagination – Dr. Jim Davies, Institute of Cognitive Sciences, Carleton University

Left-Field Approaches to Publishing – Caroline Frechette, Hayden Trenholm (m), Su Sokol, Coreene Callahan

Getting Noticed (in a good way) in the Novel and Short Story Slush Piles: Mike Rimar, Nicole Lavigne (m), Sean Moreland,
Gabrielle Harbowy

Possibly the publisher party


I’m kinda meh about sunday.  we shall see!


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