Ottawa tragedy

Ottawa After the Tragedy

I’m probably one of the last writers in Ottawa to write about this, but the tragedies that happened on October 20th and 22nd are a hard thing to address.

The loss of Nathan Cirrillo and Patrice Vincent are devastating for their families and for our country. The violation of my city and the shooting of someone at the National War Memorial is something that has bothered me for the last week.

My city is hurting. My country is shocked. A shooter was in the halls of our pariament, the place one thinks of as the safest place in the country. A place that we have (or perhaps had) free access to the building and grounds. I mourn what may have been lost to us.

However, I refuse to call it terrorism. Technically it may fit the definition, but it was one mentally ill man with a gun, a car. That is not to take away the loss of these two men. At all. But we need to be honest about what we’re dealing with.

It’s possible I may walk over to the memorial today. We’ll see.

But RIP Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent.

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