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So, things are coming along. Slowly. I haven’t done much — anxiety and depression have really kept me at home, avoiding.  Things are getting a little better, but not fast enough for my taste.

But I did get out about a week ago to go to a Q&A with a literary agent from New York, which was cool.  It wasn’t necessarily super useful, however.  First of all, there’s something about writers that make them more likely to be awkward and there was certainly no shortage of that during this Q&A.  One guy started out monopolizing the whole thing like he was having a one on one conversation with her.  People eventually told him to knock it off, which was also embarrassing.  Then there was the old Russian guy who tried to give us a lesson in Russian war history without actually asking a question. Ooof.

People got to pitch their stuff to her, which was very interesting.  There were a couple really neat sounding projects in there.  There was also some very generic stories.  Which is easy for me to say because I wasn’t brave enough to pitch my book!

Little things I did learn:

  • You need an agent more than they need you, at least from this one’s attitude
  • You should be able to write your query blurb before you even start writing
  • Send 10-20 queries at a time
  • But do not send them until you’re writing you’re next book – this way you’re truly ready to let go
  • Also, the ‘next book’ should not be the next book in your series! You will not really let go that way.
  • Separate the agents you’re interested in into A list, B list, C list and query a few at the same time.  You do not want to blow through your A list first, especially if you get another offer.
  • You will have almost zero control over your title and/or cover.

All and all, a useful two hours, I have to say.  Glad I went!

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