2 thoughts on “No One Wants To Know”

  1. Being depressed is not a weakness, my friend
    just means you’ve been trying to stay strong
    alone, one day to many
    when you’re not a ghost or passing noise, no one notices
    I’m here, far away but I hear you just the same
    Keep tapping the letters to fill a blank page
    tell the strangers in this cyberspace environment, that
    despite being behind a glass screen
    you have wonderful things to share and creativity abound
    with a silent voice proclaim this blog
    as April’s wisdom filled rants one day, soft chocolate bunnies…
    well maybe not quite that mushy! You get my drift
    This is a reply encourager to say your words do reach beyond
    the dark cupboard you feel shut inside, my friend on the other side of the globe,
    of this screen I tap upon
    please do keep writing what it is you need to say
    you do get heard, you do get read


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