My Christmas List

So, it’s that time of year where we make Christmas lists for our family and friends to ease the shopping for them.  In non-blog life I don’t normally go for lists.  As gauche as it sounds, there’s not much I want, and the things I want I tend to buy for myself.

But in the interests of the season I have decided to put together a list of things that I want. For posterity.

  1. Donal Trump not to be President. I mean really, this man is toxic. The fact that the United States has such a big impact on life in Canada is disturbing enough on its own, let along with this guy in charge. Ugh.
  2. Socks. Yes I am totally serious about this one. Apparently every pair of socks i own is now missing its mate.  If you see me wandering around with mismatched socks, this is why.  Don’t judge! I hate wearing socks, but winter requires them!
  3. An Instant Pot.  No I’m not really sure why either.  But everyone I know who has one raves about them.  Now I’m curious.
  4. Syria to be peaceful. The horror stories I’m reading make me sad and angry and leave me feeling helpless.  Not sure I can get this one, but a donation to Doctors Without Borders is something right?
  5. Notebooks and pens. Always. Because I heart them.
  6. Time with my family, which I will get! Yay me!
  7. A happier 2017. Seriously.  2016 sucked.
  8. Beer.  Preferably craft.                                     .






I don’t want for a lot. A maid wouldn’t be turned down, but generally speaking a live a comfortable life, stuff-wise.

Here’s hoping you get what you wish for this holiday season!

2 thoughts on “My Christmas List”

  1. I hear great things about the Instant pot too – apparently you can make anything! Your #1 is on my list too & I can never have enough socks!

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