Motivate Me!

So, clearly I have fallen off the wagon regarding my new years resolutions/habits/hopes/whathaveyou. I’m pretty okay with that, actually.  There weren’t a lot of super important items on that list, and frankly with the way things have been the last few months I’m definitely willing to give myself a break.

The very dark cloud that settle over me a few months ago seems to be dissipating, but that’s not without a lot of tools and work, and still things aren’t 100% good.  I mean, things are _fine_ but that’s pretty much all they are.

The main problem seems to be my complete lack of desire/will/energy to do anything. I often curl up in my favourite arm-chair for 3 or 4 days at a time, dressed in sweats and a tank top. and just…live there.  I haven’t been able to make my social commitments, not with other people, not even for things that I was just planning on doing by myself.  In fact I’m worse at the things I was going to do by myself.

And it has to change.  There’s only so much time one can spend as an unwashed lump in the arm-chair.  I’ve even slept there more nights than I have in my bed recently.  That’s just sad.

My GP has given my the name of an online tool she thinks may be able to help me.  I have the name of a book to read, the name of a psychologist and the (sigh) meds.  I see a personal trainer for exercise, I volunteer (although both those may end soon), my toolbox is clearly very full.  Something’s gotta stick.

Oh one other neat thing I’ve discovered is HabitRPG – a website/app to “gameify your life”.  It assigns you points based on daily activities, habits you want to build, To Do lists, etc.  Sadly I have died multiple times and my highest level so far is level 3, but it is surprisingly motivating.  Let’s hope it kicks in before I meld with the furniture.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated? Tips or tricks?

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