• I remember the brief time you lived near me and we went to the same school.
  • I remember you getting in trouble with Dad because you always left the shower a mess
  • I remember you trying to plant grass in the front yard of the house on Elizabeth Street.
  • I remember you running out to the pay phone at the corner to call 911 when Carol had a heart problem (Dad didn’t have a phone).
  • I remember you going with Carol and leaving me there with him while he was drunk. I was 8. You were 15.
  • I remember seeing you in your jean jacket that had Beastie Boys lyrics all over it. “You gotta fight for your right to Party!”
  • I remember you dressing me up and putting make up on me and trying to convince Dad to let you take me out downtown on a Friday night.  He said No.
  • I remember meeting your T-shirt that said “Don’t Stare at My Kitties”
  • I remember meeting your red-headed boyfriend Dan Pletsch, I was 11. I thought he was so nice and funny.
  • I remember trying to carry Desire Pletsch around on my hip when she was two.
  • I remember when Dad started drinking again when I was 12 and you hugged me and made me feel comforted.
  • I remember you giving me shit years later because I didn’t wish Dad a happy Birthday.
  • I think that was the last time I saw you alive.

You were always my sister too.  I love you Joy.  Rest in Peace.

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