In the Margins

So I recently (as in half an hour ago) discovered the website The Establishment. And now my mind is blown.  How did I not know this site existed? I may never leave it and lurk there forever.

What’s so great about this website, you ask?

The Establishment is “a multimedia company run and funded by women that’s predicated on a simple, yet radical notion: the world is a better, more interesting place when everyone has a voice.”

This shouldn’t seem so radical, but it is.  The Establishment has on their front page right now articles about

And that’s just the short list.  There’s even a specific section for arts and creators.  I am fully blissed out. The Establishment focuses on the margins of society and I love it to bits.

It’s funny because I often walk the line of marginality (is that a word?) and the cultural “norm”. I am white appearing, upper-middle class, employed and those are all privileged positions.

But I am also a woman, a person with a disability, queer, and mixed race.  I am the very definition of a marginalized voice.

But I often struggle to find that voice.  Even though I am all these things I am certainly not unique.  I often allow other writers to be my voice about these things, which is a shame really.  As a writer, I feel I should be mining the feelings evoked by being all these things.

And let me tell you, there are some serious feelings.

I feel like I could write a book just about being me, but I struggle with where to start.  Is this blog representative of who I am? My marginalized voice? Probably not.  Do I want it to be? Most certainly.

So maybe it’s not about finding my voice but more about having something to say. It scares me to think that maybe I don’t have anything to add to the current discourse.  It worries about my fictional work, too.  How can I be a writer without something to say?

Maybe I just haven’t found the right topic yet. Lord knows I’m certainly full of opinions.

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