In Like A Lion…

The title means nothing really, besides the fact that it is now March 1st! The end of winter is within sight, and I, for one, am glad for that.

So I want to start writing in this blog more often, but struggle with things to talk about.  What would you, dear reader, want to know about my and my life? Within reason of course!

Yesterday for the first time in ages I did NOT go to sleep at 8:00 p.m. and instead found myself up for a few extra hours.  That was nice because I did some painting, trying to put to practice some things I had learnt from a Skillshare Course on “Painting Loose” (which was very cool, by the by). Painting “loose”, it turns out, is definitely my thing.  Mostly because stuff only has to vaguely suggest what it is as opposed to the pressure to be perfect.

Now if I could just get some writing done.  Right now all I’m writing is briefing notes, which I’ve decided will be my own personal hell.  Writing briefing notes until the end of time.

2 thoughts on “In Like A Lion…”

  1. Since we all know that a poem is not a briefing note, and vice versa, I would like to know how the “day job” of being a bureaucrat informs your theory of writing. Discuss!

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