I am alive!

I know my presence on this blog and on my Facebook page has been sparse lately.  To some degree I can attribute that to writing, so that’s good.  I have indeed finished a short story for the CBC Short Story Contest, and with a day to go I’m going to give it one last edit and submit.

But what’s sidelined me mostly is an ongoing series of illness and injury.  Between colds, back injuries and a weirdly fleeting stomach bug I really haven’t had the energy to get much done in my downtime.  And I’ve actually been doing work at work — I know!

Oh, and reading.  Trying to get through some books.  I was reading Once Every Never for my book club, but just couldn’t finish it no matter how hard I tried.  It wasn’t a terrible book, but it was the type of book that I wasn’t interested in the characters.  The plot was decent, but if the characters are boring or cliché I just can’t be bothered.  I’ll look up what happens on wikipedia or goodreads.

But I only really gave up on it a couple days ago and now am trying to finish World War Z before Friday’s book club.  Yeah, I’m not optimistic either, but a girl can try.

That is assuming that I don’t rip my eyeballs out of my head.  GODS they hurt so much right now.  Why does my body have to get super dry and sensitive around all mucus membranes when I get a cold?  It hurts to BLINK.




That is all.

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