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Good RIddance

Goodbye to you, 2014. I will not miss you.

I know most bloggers and writers take the time to wax poetic about the previous year when they hit New Year’s Eve. I certainly have done so in the past. But 2014 just seemed like a totally shit year, both personally and globally. I could list all the horror, but I’m sure you’ve read all about it in the Top New Stories posts, or have seen it in the Top Photos posts. There’s definitely a dew pictures I could have lived without seeing, that’s for sure.

I didn’t keep up with my resolutions, not even my resolution to provide the status of my resolutions. That’s mostly because I fell in a black hole somewhere in March and am only now starting to dig myself out. I could go on and say how brave I was in seeking out help and medication, but the fact of the matter is it wasn’t courage that got me to do that. It was desperation.

I’ve never had a problem being alone. When I wanted to be. And that is a lot, my dear friends. What I’ve had a problem with is loneliness, of the bone-deep, soul-crushing kind.

It’s not gone, but I’m working on it. Suffice it to say that while my 2015 may not bring less time alone, I damn well hope it brings less loneliness.

A writing contract and/or winning the lottery wouldn’t hurt either.

In other news, Assassin Part II is up and it’s even better than the first. Do go read.

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