Filters, or lack thereof

So my procrastination continues in regards to this CBC short story writing contest. Let’s just say I’m intimately familiar with all the Mac creative writing software. All of which is seriously overkill, by the way.

Part of the issue is that the maximum word count for entries is 1500 words. That’s minuscule. It’s going to be tough to build, grow, and resolve a story in that short a timeframe.

The other issue is my mood. I’m not in the greatest place emotionally these days. I am concerned that my mood will leak into the story, which is the last thing I want. I want to keep the angst to a minimum. Plus, angst is easy to write. Everything else is hard.

It’s ironic, really. Either I’m living my life through the filter of characters/a story, or my story is being filtered through me and my own personal feelings.

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