Fight or Flight

Sometimes I hit this feeling of restlessness and boredom that makes me want to crawl out of my own skin. It’s not loneliness, per se. It’s not even solely an emotional thing because there is a definite physical sensation that seems to make it 1000 times worse than regular old boredom. It’s not even really anger, it’s a feeling of being tightly wound, like a coiled spring.

[As an aside, I tried to google “want to punch” to determine if there was a name for this feeling. I am now very disturbed that the second ‘suggestion’ by google was “want to punch a baby”. What the hell people?!]

I suppose it’s some sort of physiological arousal like adrenaline or the fight or flight response. It came over me yesterday and it was incredibly annoying. I tried to exercise it away but that didn’t work. I went swimming, moved a lot of furniture in an effort to get my foster cat out of hiding, went for a walk to chapters. Nothing worked.
I did realize while I was at chapters that this mood is the one that precedes all my significantly large impulse purchases (you’re welcome, Apple). I get ramped up, nothing seems to fix it so I buy something ridiculous to focus my energy on. (Un)Fortunately I have reached the point where there are no shiny tech gadgets to impulse buy that I don’t already have. Which is a sad statement on so many levels.

I should try yoga or something when these moods hit. It would be easier on my bank account.

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