Dear Imagination:

Hey! How are you? Gods it’s been a long time since we talked last. I fear we may have been neglecting each other. You see, it’s awkward for me to say this, but I’ve missed you. It feels like it’s been years since I saw you last. Hell, maybe it has been, I can’t keep track anymore.

Where have you been? What have you been up to? Because you certainly haven’t been hanging out with me that much I do know. I feel bereft, my old friend. We used to be so close, especially when we were kids, and now I reach out to you and get nothing in return.

Is there a way I can work on winning you back? I’ve tried many things already, meditation, writing prompts, typing out other people’s stories, reading encyclopedias of mythology, anything I can do to get myself an idea of what to write about, because I desperately want to write, my friend. Desperately.

It’s what I’ve done since I could pick up a pen. I have always written. It’s the only thing I’ve really got going for me. I have no other discernable talent, we both know that. And writing, when I’m really into it, is my best friend when I am friendless. There’s been plenty of times I’ve needed writing to fill that hole in my life, and you were there.

But now I just stare at the screen with no ideas and you’re nowhere to be found. I cannot think of a single interesting idea to save my life. Ok, I had one idea. The girl who is destined to become the next Grim Reaper. I thought it was a neat idea, kind of like Buffy meets Death Takes a Holiday. But as I was writing it I realized it was crap. Craaaaaaaaap. Not the idea itself, that was kind of cool. I mean, what WOULD happen if suddenly people stopped dying? But my writing was complete and utter shit and thus so was the story. I just couldn’t get into it. I’ve had fanfic that I’ve written that I was more passionate about.

I guess I just miss you, Imagination. I need you in order to be able to write. Please come back to me?

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