Ode to Winter

I’m not the biggest fan of this season, I’ll be the first to admit. It’s hard to walk around in, people forget how to drive in snow, and it’s bloody cold. But winter has it’s good points too!

  • Cute sweaters. Opportunity to wear cute sweaters almost make it worth it.  I don’t get many opportunities to wear cute sweaters because I run hot, but I do have a few!
  • Less sweaty. I love that about winter, because I spend all summer sweating like a crazy thing. Nothing ruins a look like getting all sweaty.  I  once had someone ask me if it was raining I was so gross.  None of that in winter!
  • It’s pretty. Mostly.  Away from downtown. But once you’re out a bit snow is really beautiful!
  • Holidays.  I personally celebrate Christmas and I love it. I always look forward to it.  This year might be different, but we’ll still be ok.

What are your favourite things about winter? Tell me in the comments!