Can-Con 2016!!

So in about three weeks the awesomeness that is Can-Con will be here in Ottawa once again. And once again it’s downtown so I can actually go. I have bought my tickets and am armed with my notebook and ready. These are the panels I’m interested in:
Nothing jumps out at me for Friday, so on to Saturday we go.


How to Build an Amazing Reading List from the Juried Awards
Different Ways to Pitch a Novel to a Publisher or Agent
Getting Your Work Noticed
Our Monsters are Us
Rewriting Fairy Tales
Beyond the Coming Out Story – New Queer Narratives in Speculative Fiction
Want to Dominate the World, but Don’t Have a Writers’ Group?
Writing a Novel in 30 Days (workshop)
Making Literature Out of Spam emails
Witchcraft, Druids, and the Occult


40 Creative Choices that Drive Away Audiences
Bodies of Difference: Disability in Spec Fic
Emerging Issues in Publishing Contracts
Same Old Story
Guest of Honour Tanya Huff and Special Guest Charles de Lint talk about fantasy and writing

So that’s quite the lineup. We’ll see if I make it to all of them. I may end up down in the hotel bar because I love the Albion Rooms very very much. But I love this convention as well. There’s so much to learn about writing and I want to soak it all up like a sponge.

And then hopefully fucking write something because this dry spell is bad.

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