Can-Con 2015

So if you’re in the Ottawa writerly circles you surely know about Can-Con.  If not, boy are you missing out.  Can-Con is “the conference on canadian content in speculative arts and literature”.  In layman’s terms, a weekend of awesomeness for writers and other creatives.  You totally wanna go.  I’m going.

And these are the workshops I want to attend:



  • Our Monsters are our Children
  • The Fast-Changing Economics of e-book Publishing
  • National Novel Writing Month – Strategies and Emergency Inspiration
  • The History of Science Fiction
  • Serialization Past and Present
  • The Frontiers of Young Adult Fiction
  • Magic and Magical Systems
  • Blood Splatter Pattern Analysis
  • Advice to Aspiring Writers on the Craft
  • Getting Noticed (in a good way) in the Novel and Short Story Slush Piles
  • Writers Read Their Juvenilia


  • How to Get Traditionally Published
  • Police Procedure: Busting Myths and Preconceptions
  • How to Build a Productive and Sustainable Critiquing Group
  • Reviewers and Reviewing
  • FanFiction Reading – The Guilty Pleasure

I’m very, very excited!

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