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Can Con 2014

I feel like I’ve written a thousand posts about can con 2014, but this one is actually a look back at the event, and what I thought about my first time attending.

In one sentence: I had a really good time.


The biggest challenge on the friday was me actually getting myself to the con.  I suffer from some serious anxiety, so bad it kept me away entirely last year, so the strategy was to stay downtown right after work and not go home because I knew if I went home I would stay there.

The first event didn’t officially start until  19:00 so I had an hour and a half to kill.  It wasn’t hard.  Things were quite disorganized at first but eventually they settled. Unfortunately the original panel I wanted to see — Be It Resolved: “Stop Writing Novels – Write Short Fiction” – The Live Debate! — didn’t get to happen so I went to see readings from Hieroglyph which was excellent.  May have to buy that one.

After that I went to a panel on “How to Get Traditionally Published” which was excellent. I was planning on staying for the Ottawa writes podcast but I was just so tired and socialized out.  So I went home.


Saturday morning I had my book club so unfortunately I didn’t get to the conference until 14:30. I then went to “Facepalms of world building”.  The moderator wasn’t there so the conversation didn’t follow a certain set of questions but it was wildly interesting.  Learning about how little details like climate can really pull someone out of the story is the kind of thing you want to avoid.  And I need to have less dialogue.

Following that was Advice on the Craft which was by far my favourite. First, Charles DeLint was there! I am a huge fangirl.  And the one piece of advice that I really liked was “Never stop at a natural pause”. Stop mid-sentence if you have to. That will get you right back into it the next day.  Plus I got to hear about Kagagi, an animated series based on a graphic novel about an aboriginal super hero.  So exciting! That is already in my PVR.


Sunday there wasn’t anything that pulled me in so I offered to table sit for S.M. Carriere, friend and fellow author, while she did a reading and a live taping of Nights at the Round Table. That was fun to see the dealer side of things.  Clearly I am way too shy because you really need to talk and greet and listen.  It’s tiring! But there were some sales so that was cool.

I didn’t buy anything, which surprised me.  I am a huge book lover.  But I was super broke and the dealer room was small and I just felt it hard to shop in front of authors themselves.  But overall it was very inspiring!

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  1. Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one too tired to attend our recording of the Ottawa Writes podcast! The panel was, shall we say, “sparsely” attended, but we had a good time none-the-less! :)

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