Book Review: Fiendish

I received my copy of Fiendish through a Goodreads ARC giveaway.

I have never read any other books by Brenna Yavanoff, but I definitely was intrigued by the summary about a girl who was trapped in a closet for 10 years then finally freed. And true to that description, Fiendish is the story of Clementine, a girl who was buried in the basement closet with her eyes sewn shut when she was seven years old. If you think that sounds rather horrific, you’re not alone. Horrific but intriguing, because a boy named Eric Fisher finds her and sets her free 10 years later.

So who trapped her there and why? How is she still alive? What impact does it have on her? All these questions definitely piqued my interest and not only got me reading Fiendish, they kept me interested until the end.

While overall I really enjoyed this book, it also left me with some questions. Why were her eyes shut? Are fiends alive, dead, what? Why are those particular 5 people special and how does Eric’s grandmother know? The last one is the most important I think, and could use some further explanation. It would be easy to add even just a line or two to clarify. Of course it’s possible I just missed it.

I really enjoyed Fiendish! The writing was good, and allowed for a quick read. If you want some creepy, suspenseful Young Adult fiction in your life (and who doesn’t?), I heartily recommend this book.

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