Being Social

So it’s been a busy weekend  for me, which is always fun.

Thursday night I spent with Matt, having dinner at Town and eating some glorious beef short ribs and pecorino potatoes.  It was good to catch up, although it was the shortest fancy dinner I’ve had in a while!  That at least tells you that the service at Town is great and fast, usually two things that don’t go together.

Friday I spent most of my time sleeping (thanks Naproxin!) but I did get a chance to sneak out for lunch with les boys, two former colleagues of mine.  Sometimes it’ll take us up to a year to actually arrange to get together, but it’s always worth it.  I have a lot of fun chatting with them about work and life and I hope it’s not a year before we see each other again.

Saturday night I had a fun time with a friend at the Brig chatting about all things geeky. Sunday I took myself out to lunch and tried to write but was too distracted by the couple sitting next to me to get anything decent done.  They weren’t particularly interesting or anything, but they were supercloserightnexttome so it felt really odd.

But whatever, maybe I’ll finish that bit off tonight.  Then I have another piece to write for 613.Beer!  Not to mention all the writing I have to do for work.

This coming weekend brings a visit from a dear friend so hopefully she and I will get to catch up and hang out.

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