Backwards and Forwards

Things are looking up.  I may have had to take some drastic measures to get there, but I am ok with it.  In fact, things are looking *so* up I wasn’t even freaked out by the fact that at some point next March I will probably be getting a needle in my eye.

That’s right. A NEEDLE IN MY EYE.

Ehn.  It has to be done.  There’s not much point in getting all uptight about it.

In other news, yesterday I spent some time indulging in the past and was pleased to discover that some things never change and that I made the right choices in leaving them behind.  It may have taken me a long time, but it was so the right choice that I almost had to pat myself on the back.

Plus, today I even started getting the urge to write again.  Something new!  NOT fanfiction!

I know none of this is particularly important or exciting, but it’s a far place from where I was just 3 days ago.

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