So I jokingly like to say that people should only have one talent each. Mostly because I feel like I only have one myself. And even then it can be questionable, lol. But ultimately I consider myself to be talented in writing. This is the one thing I can do. It’s more of a hobby than a vocation, but that’s ok. Maybe someday that will change, maybe not. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about art in other forms.

Somewhat recently I took up watercolours and sketching. I am total rubbish at it, but I love, love, love doing it. It’s been spurred on by my friend Jasmine and a lot of small short courses on skillshare. I have an art book that I use for painting and drawing and I’m really quite proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish with a little bit of work. I’ve even started expanding my selection of art tools by investing in water brush pens. They look amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

I love art and creativity in general. It really makes me feel good, even if I’m not particularly skilled at it. I even let it spread into my journal, where I try to make entries more artsy, rather than just plan ink and paper. Watercolour is also very forgiving, which is nice. And sketching I can do ok enough with if I have a model picture to work from. Painting or sketching from my own imagination is pretty crap though, I must admit.

But regardless, I love doing it, and I really can’t wait till I get my next chance. Who knows, maybe tomorrow!

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  1. Yay I somewhat helped! And I for one think your art is fabulous and I love it.

    …….aaaaaand, now I wanna go home and watercolour haha.

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