A New Blog (Yes, another one.)

So, I’ll admit that I have multiple blogs.  At least two others that are currently active, although there have been multiple others over the years. I’ve been on diary land, blogger, vox, my own domain, live journal, tumblr, twitter, and now here.

You may be wondering why I’m starting this blog if I have two other active blogs going already.  The only reason I can give you is that I like to compartmentalize my life.  The oldest blog will have existed for 10 years come this december, and pretty much only two In Real Life people know of its existence.  It is the place where my darkest and most vulnerable thoughts go.

The other is simply a depository for silliness and fandom ravings and mostly re-blogs of fun pictures related to Supernatural, although I’ve been noted to dip into semi-serious things.

This one I want to be something else entirely.  I want to renew my focus on writing and see where it takes me to get some practice.  Either through prose or poetry and possible rants about the writing process.  I was prodded into this by the latest CBC short story contest.  I think I’m going to enter.  If I can get myself moving.

And to get moving with your writing you have to, well, write.  Hopefully you’ll either read with enjoyment or sympathize with my attempts.

Either way, welcome.

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