Real World

It’s been a long week.  Or week and a half.  A long something.  It was good to get a chance to see my family again after seeing them as recently as July, but of course I wish it had been under better circumstances.  Since I’ve returned I’ve been exhausted.  I don’t really know why, but I’m hoping it stops soon so I can resume life and do things like laundry and cleaning my apartment (Isn’t the excitement overwhelming?).

I’d also like to truly start the 21 Day Fix.  I stumbled across it via a friend who is a Beachbody coach, and although I’m usually wary of anything where friends try to sell you stuff, this seems like a pretty straight forward exercise and nutrition program.  I’m really looking forward to starting it, but my back has been giving me major problems these past few days and exercising seems like a not so great idea right now.       Sigh.

Work is also kicking my ass.  I was only gone for five days and it feels like forever.  I’ve got to get a handle on my anxiety so I can move forward.  I think I’ll feel better after my workshop is over….only one more week to go!

In final news, the CBC Creative Non-Fiction long list was finally posted.  Sadly I am not on it.  Oh well.  I submitted a piece about my father and sister that was ultimately about the aboriginal community and addiction issues.  So while that didn’t go anywhere, I did pull off a very short story that I might enter into the CBC Fiction contest this coming fall/winter.  I wrote it based on a story starting prompt and actually liked it! That almost never happens!

So I’m back in the real world again folks. Stay tuned.

Savina Valeriote Scannell 1922-2015

We said our final goodbyes to my grandmother today.  She was an amazing woman who led an interesting life for 93 years.  She had 6 children, 20 grandchildren and 35 great-grandchildren and we all loved her very much.

Raised in The Ward in Guelph, Ontario by Italian Immigrants, Grandma had a ridiculous number of siblings.  So many that I won’t even attempt to count them all. She went on to marry William McCarty and then, after a divorce (something not common in her time) Jim Scannell.  You could say she had a thing for Irishmen.

I was one of the youngest grandchildren, so my experiences growing up with her was different than my cousins.  To me she always lived in the Park Mall Apartments, the one with the store on the ground floor.  If we were lucky she’d give us some change to go down there and buy candy.

If not, there was always, always gingerale and cookies to be had.  In fact I swear the first words out of her mouth when you went to visit were “There are cookies in the cupboard and gingerale in the fridge.” When I worked across the road at the Guelph Public Library as a teenager I would go to her place for our half hour “lunch”.

She spent her last years at St. Joe’s where she passed away on September 3rd.

I hope wherever she is now she’s happy.

Love you Grandma, Rest in Peace.