March Check In

1. Write more. At least 500 words a day. (or 3500/week, or 15,000/month).

Fail on the word count for sure.  Total fail.  BUT I have been writing a lot more.  I have another article up on Capital Geek Girls about the best conventions in North America, my first two reviews for Shenkman – on The Goodluck Assembly and David Usher – have gone live, and my piece in Geez Magazine is published (though sadly not online).  I’d say that an A for effort.

2.Take more photos. At least one active shoot a month.

 Ack!  After a successful January I totally dropped the ball on this one in February.  Not coincidentally, the month my membership in Harry Nowell’s online workshop expired.  Sigh.  Unfortunately I can’t afford to sign up again, so I will have to get better at reminding myself to do this.

3. Exercise at least 4 times a week (2 “traditional” + yoga and/or swimming)

I haven’t been perfect at this, but I have done well.  I’ve been swimming, I’ve done yoga and I’ve even been on the elliptical.  What hasn’t happened is much weight loss.  Almost none, really.  Which means I have to drop out of the Diet Bet game that I’m in.  Boo.  But I think it’s probably the smart thing to do.  It’d be damn near impossible to catch up now….although they do give an extra “gimme” month at the end where there is no further goal.  Hmmm.  I’ll have to think about this.

4. Read more. One book a month.

Not in February.  Talk to me at the next update though!

5. Work on self-promotion, but with a focused approach. Learn at least one new medium thereof.

Honestly, I think I’ve got this covered.  My work for Shenkman/Apt613 & Capital Geek Girls is hopefully a double win, giving me exposure to their audiences.  I don’t think it’s made any real difference yet, but you never know, right?

6. Focus more at work.

I’m writing this at work.  I’m sure you can extrapolate.

7. Empty and fill the dishwasher within 24 hours. Seriously.

Fail, fail, so much fail.

8. Vacuum once a week.

I vacuumed *this* week, so once again, next check in will be better.

 9. Find one more crafty thing like arm knitting that I can actually *do*

Still have lots of time for this.

10.  Any day it is above -5 spend at least half an hour walking outside.

Given the way this winter has gone, I’m glad I put the temperature cut off in there.  It hasn’t be above -5 at all.

11.   Save & attend the photography workshop in Lake Louise.

With the tax refund I’m getting (Huzzah!) I can pay for my dog’s surgery, which means that the savings  I *had* put towards it can be used for the trip!  Yay!

12.  Check in on this list once a month.