Backwards and Forwards

Things are looking up.  I may have had to take some drastic measures to get there, but I am ok with it.  In fact, things are looking *so* up I wasn’t even freaked out by the fact that at some point next March I will probably be getting a needle in my eye.

That’s right. A NEEDLE IN MY EYE.

Ehn.  It has to be done.  There’s not much point in getting all uptight about it.

In other news, yesterday I spent some time indulging in the past and was pleased to discover that some things never change and that I made the right choices in leaving them behind.  It may have taken me a long time, but it was so the right choice that I almost had to pat myself on the back.

Plus, today I even started getting the urge to write again.  Something new!  NOT fanfiction!

I know none of this is particularly important or exciting, but it’s a far place from where I was just 3 days ago.

Acting ‘as if’….

Oh hey neglected wordpress site!

It’s funny, I’ve been in a rather grey place these last few weeks, and writing seems to have completely fallen off my radar. I just…don’t write. I’m not reading either, which is doubly weird. I am usually well steeped in one or the other.

So this entry is basically just an exercise in getting me going again. I’m trying to pull myself out of my funk. I’m trying to stop being sad. I have a new hair cut, a new nose piecing and a really cool new leather jacket. I just need the new attitude to go along with it. For now I’m practicing the Fake it Till You Make it principle.

Or, as the great Leo McGarry once said, “Act as if you have faith, and faith will be given to you.”