2012: A Look Back

You know, for the most part it seems like not a lot happened for me in 2012.  Nothing monumental and life changing, anyway.  But it was a. . .decent…year, all things considered.

In 2012:

– My writer’s group started.  There were four of us.  Now there are only three.  It may not be the most academic, rigorous group in the world, but it’s lovely to get together once a month and talk about writing and get some outsider feedback.

– I found out just how off the rails my ex was.  That was a stunning, hurtful betrayal.  Quite possibly one of the worst I’ve experienced.  But in the end it helped, because it allowed me to slam that door shut and move on, feeling only pity for her, if that.

– I turned 34. I don’t remember what I did for my birthday.

– My niece and I went to Disney World in Florida.  While it wasn’t necessarily something I had ever intended to do, it was great to spend time just me & Jocelyn together.  Plus I can check it off that life list of Things To Do.  Oh, and I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which was AWESOME.

– Lost more friends than I ever expected to lose in one year.  It taught me a lot about who those people were.

– My nephew Matt visited for a few weeks in the summer, which was brilliant, as always.

– I fell uselessly in love with someone just out of reach. And while it’s been painful, it’s been rewarding in its own way.  And in 2013 I will do my best to move on from it.  There is no point in dwelling on things you cannot change.  But I am forever grateful that they know they are loved.

– I lived in my own head, in fiction, and had fun with it.

– I started an online writing course called “Story is a State of Mind”

– I took more pictures.

– I was diagnosed with cataracts.

– I travelled to Spain, which was an absolutely fantastic experience.  Barcelona remains one of my favourite cities on earth.

– I took the steps I needed to get myself in a better frame of mind, no matter how hard it was.

– I started seeing a personal trainer, and 11 months later I’m still with it.

– My cousin visited Ottawa for the first time and it was wicked fun.  I hope he comes back.

– I moved apartments, leaving behind the place I moved into 7+ years ago when Melanie and I broke up.  It feels….odd.  Good, certainly, but odd.  I feel like it is one more signal of a new start, an new phase of life.

So, while it may not have been momentous, and it may not have always been pleasant, 2012 gave me love, a best friend, a chance to see a new part of the world, and good times with family.

I am immensely grateful for all of it.

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  1. Happy new year and may it be a better one for us both! Look forward to hearing about your conquests, experiences with life and everything in between! :)

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