I feel a bit like I’ve been on a tilt-o-whirl of emotions lately. There’s been a lot of anger, some sadness, a lot of gratitude, but right now (as in this very moment) I am dealing with a heck of a lot of anxiety.

It’s weird, because it’s everything and nothing all at once, which is as fun as you can imagine. Things like:

‘Oh my god they won’t be printing my action plan until July! That’s *way* too late!’

‘What if I never meet someone?’

‘How the heck am I going to get to ComicCon?’

‘Am I bugging people when I text them?’

‘Do people really want to hang out with me or are they just being polite?’

‘Who is going to watch my cats while I’m in Florida?’

‘Will I ever get to be the first person someone calls/texts/whatever with good news?’

‘Was my sight in my right eye always this bad? Because WOW.’

All these are the kind of things that are running through my head on a pretty constant basis. It sucks, I have to say. Plus, it’s typically the silly things that get me. Right now I’m having a hard time focusing because of one of the smaller, less important things on my list. So I thought I would jot this all down in the hopes that some sort of exorcism will take place.

We shall see.

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