The 12 Beers of Christmas

As I mentioned in my previous post, last night I went to an event held by the Dominion City Brewery and the Albion Rooms restaurant called the 12 Beers of Christmas. The event was held as a fundraiser for Candlelighters, an Ottawa organization that supports children with cancer.

The premise was 12 courses of food paired with 12 beers, each course based on a theme from the song the 12 Days of Christmas. And you guys, it was so, so good.

At first, I was nervous because there were some exotic and odd things on the menu. For example, elk tartare.  Squab (which is pigeon). Pheasant. You get the picture.  It was definitely an adventurous meal for me!

The elk tartare was quite good, with enough seasoning to make you feel like you’re not really eating raw meat. Next, there was “head cheese” with turkey, duck & quail (probably my least favourite of the night), followed by salt cod croquette and then the lamb lollipop.  OMG, the lamb.  I have never had lamb before in my life and this was amazingly tasty.  I’m not sure if it was simply the lamb itself or the spiced yogurt that came with it, but it was by far my favourite of the night.

The next few dishes were smelts, pheasant, cornish hen, goose with a quail scotch egg, and the squab.  And yes, I ate the pigeon.  I felt weird about it, I won’t lie.  But it was surprisingly tasty! I actually kind of enjoyed it.  I wouldn’t order it off a menu again, but if it showed up at another event like this I wouldn’t be so wary, either.

Following that, there were three dessert courses.  Yep, three!. The first was an Italian meringue with melon & mint. The next was cannolis and finally tres leches cake.

And of course that’s not even mentioning the 12 beers we got to sample!

As a bonus to the evening, I ran into a couple friends from Barley’s Angels and we all sat together so I wasn’t totally alone all night! Huzzah!

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2 thoughts on “The 12 Beers of Christmas”

  1. I adore lamb. Every time I meet someone who hasn’t ever had it, I get so surprised. I frequently have to remind myself lamb is not a popular dish in North America.
    The dinner sounds lovely, though I’m not a fan of beer myself.

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